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Trade Assurance

One of the most important thing about sourcing online and global trade is to complete your transactions safely.


Nu-Credits trade assurance is a FREE trade protection service that protect your transactions completed through our platform supported by the cutting-edge blockchain technology.


Our professional team offers comprehensive services worldwide to ensure that your are trading with creditworthy companies.

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Apart from assisting you solve the disputes regarding product quality or shipment terms, we also put great effort in preventing them from happening in terms of providing financial support, onsite product inspection service and convenient payment platform.

  1. We provide the e-commerce sellers and buyers on our platform financial solutions for balance payment, working capital and business loans for other purposes.

  2. With Our global team providing inspection service onsite before the shipment of the goods, we make it possible for you to do ex ante risk control where travelling is heavily restricted.

  3. The other core element of our trade assurance service is our FX payment system, through which we hold and release advance payment and complete the payment transactions. It is a single, global platform delivering comprehensive payment and FX solutions. While we buyers’ deposits safe on our platform, we also give our clients access to real-time FX rates and can process their multi-currency transactions with other companies much faster, safer and more cost-effective.

Think we could help your business or want to know more about our services? Join US!

Why Choose Nu-Credits:

At Nu-Credits, we are dedicated to make your global trade risk-free.

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Global network 

Our trade assurance is available in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Speedy Lending for the transaction

Either as a seller or a buyer, you can do your business with fast and tailor-made financial solutions from the platform.

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24-hour Online Support

Our professional team is available to help you with any questions any time.

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Ex ante + Post Risk Control 

Our global team will help you prevent and settle dispute worldwide.

​Interested in our trade assurance service? Please don’t hesitate to join  us!

How does it work?

  1. Register as a seller / buyer on the platform.

  2. Place or accept an order on the platform.

  3. Apply for import finance for the balance payment as the buyer or for export finance for working capital as the seller.

  4. 30% Advanced payment for the order paid and held by Nu-Credits FX payment platform for the buyer.

  5. Goods inspection implemented to check the product quality before the shipment for the buyer 

  6. Once positive results come from the inspection report, our platform will release the advanced payment and sent it to your supplier when receiving buyer's consent on the platform.

  7. Once the goods are shipped, the balance payment will be made by the buyer / the import finance financier / the export finance financier.

  8. The repayment of the trade loans.

With Trade Assurance, you can trade globally with trustworthy companies worldwide on with no effort and friction. Don't hesitate and join us now!

  • How does Export Financing work?
    It is simple. After the goods or services are sold to your client, we will buy the invoices from you for a discounted price. In addition, we will take over all the responsibilities of collecting it.
  • How long will it take until my invoices are paid for?
    Our experienced team will evaluate the application of your business within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • What countries do Nu-Credits cover?
    Being a global company has its benefits. Having worldwide partners all over the world we can evaluate your application globally be it the EU, Japan, China or any other jurisdiction. Have any clients in China but cannot afford to wait for a long time until the invoices are covered? We will collect it on behalf of you.
  • What industries do you work with?
    NU Credits cover wide scope of industries. Industries that we work with include Manufacturing, Agriculture, Business, IT Services, Wholesale Trade and others. For more inquiries please contact us in the form below.
  • What are the benefits of invoice factoring with Nu-Credits?
    1. It solves cashflow challenges. 2. Gives you more time to focus on core business operations. 3. Reduction of your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). 4. Unlimited Capital for your business growth. 5. Factoring transaction is a sale, not a loan so it does not affect your creditworthiness.
  • I want to export merchandise to my client in China but cannot afford to wait for 90 days until my invoices are covered. My bank has decided not to issue a credit because of my creditworthiness before, can I still apply for my invoice to be sold to NU Credits?"
    Yes. As long as your client has a good credit history, we will be more than willing to buy the invoice from your business.






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