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Expand your business and discover the power of cross-border connectivity. At Nu-Credits, we focus on providing your business with fast, flexible, and low-cost solutions; growing your global business has never been more streamlined and cost-efficient.

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Does your business trade goods internationally? Our tailor-made working capital solutions give your business the support it needs to expand and thrive in a global market.

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Financial support that matches your growth ambitions

Are you hesitating to take the next steps required to begin exporting overseas? You’ve heard about the complicated procedures, the long waiting time to receive your invoices - is it worth having your capital tied up abroad?


Nu-Credits can help you make a seamless transition into overseas exporting without leaving your capital lying dormant in unpaid invoices. We will buy your invoices at a discounted price within 24 hours with the advance payment. And after that? You can wash your hands of the responsibility of collecting your invoices - we take over full responsibility for the collection process.


Contact us to discover an alternative, more attractive solution to overseas invoice collection for your business now.

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How It Works

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Ship the goods you sold

Send us the unpaid invoice you received
from the business partner

We provide you with the advance payment of
invoice amount minus our fees within 24 hours from receiving the invoice

We collect your invoice on behalf of you whenever it is paid

Partner With Us

Platform Partnerships
Platform Partnerships

Help your small business customers get the working capital they need through

Nu-Credits in a simple, online interface.


Factoring for export businesses. We help you expand your digital offering for B2B customers.

3rd Party Service Provider 

Nu-Credits implements innovative platform strategy. Our integration and technical support enable you to grow your business in a game-changing way.

Logistics Company

Connect to global companies with Nu-Credits. Supply chain is a vital part of our export finance business. As you grow, we grow.

Referral Partner

Introduce businesses that don't fit your criteria and generate great residual commissions.

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How does Export Finance work?

It is simple. After the goods or services are sold to your client, we will buy the invoices from you for a discounted price. In addition, we will take over all the responsibilities of collecting it.

How long will it take until my invoices are paid for?

Our experienced team will evaluate the application of your business within 24 hours of receiving it.

What countries do Nu-Credits cover?

Being a global company has its benefits. Having worldwide partners all over the world we can evaluate your application globally be it the EU, Japan, China or any other jurisdiction. Have any clients in China but cannot afford to wait for a long time until the invoices are covered? We will collect it on behalf of you.

What industries do you work with?

NU Credits cover wide scope of industries. Industries that we work with include Manufacturing, Agriculture, Business, IT Services, Wholesale Trade and others.
For more inquiries please contact us in the form below.

What are the benefits of invoice factoring with Nu-Credit?

1. It solves cashflow challenges.
2. Gives you more time to focus on core business operations.
3. Reduction of your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).
4. Unlimited Capital for your business growth.
5. Factoring transaction is a sale, not a loan so it does not affect your creditworthiness.

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UK Office: 301, 4 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS

HK Office: 1450,14/F Radio City, 505 - 511 Hennessey Road

UK Office: Tel:+4420 3289 8693

HK Office: Tel:+852 8193 2808


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Our Payment Service is provided by Kuan Financial which is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania as Authorised Payment Institution under its Lithuanian subsidiary Kuan Financial, UAB (Authorisation Code: LB000496)


UK Office: 301, 4 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS

HK Office: 1450,14/F Radio City, 505 - 511 Hennessey Road