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Are weighty advance payments to your suppliers hampering the flow of cash through your business?


Nu-Credits enables you to recover control of your business’ capital by offering you tailored financial solutions.

Import finance is a fast and effective means by which to bridge the divide between an order for merchandise and the payment order from your international supplier.

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How can import finance help with your business’ cash flow?


Import finance enables your business to purchase domestic or overseas commodities, services, or merchandise, while maintaining the flow of capital through your business so that it can maintain day-to-day operations. Where the importation of goods from suppliers and payment from customers can fall out of sync, financing is able to bridge the gap and smooth the flow of cash.

How Can Nu-Credits Make Import Finance Work For You?

1. Place an order with your supplier

When you place an order to your supplier, Nu-Credits will provide your business with advance payment of the balance of the invoice - minus fees - within 24 hours of receipt of the invoice.


2. When your merchandise has been shipped...

Once the finance provider receives official confirmation that the merchandise has been shipped from the supplier, payment will be sent to them on the same day, and in their preferred or appropriate currency.


3. Sell your Merchandise and repay the Finance...

When delivery has been taken of the merchandise and then sold, payment can then be made to Nu-Credits without the need to wait for payment from your customers.


You can use Nu-Credits Import Financing if...

- You have more than 12 months trading history

- You have comprehensively audited financial reporting

- You agree to API integration with the Nu-Credits system

The Nu-Credits team will use their expertise to answer any questions and queries so please feel free to get in touch.

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