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Are large upfront payments from your suppliers damaging your company’s cash flow?


If you want to regain control of your tied up funds, we have a solution for you.


Introducing import finance: a fast and effective way to close the gap between a goods order and the payment demand from your overseas suppliers.

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How Import Finance Can Help?


Trade finance simply lets your business purchase domestic or overseas goods without hurting your cash flow. It helps bridge the gap between importing these goods from suppliers and getting paid by your customers.


How Can Nu-Credits Make Import Finance Work For You?

1. Place an order with your supplier
When you place an order from your supplier, we provide you with the advance payment of the invoice amount minus our fees within 24 hours from receiving the invoice.


2. Your goods are shipped
Once the finance provider receives the confirmation documentation that the goods have been shipped from the supplier, the payment will be sent to them on the same day, and in their preferred currency.


3. Sell your goods and repay the finance
The goods arrive at your location. Once the goods have been sold, you simply repay to us without waiting to get paid from your customers.


You can use Nu-Credits Import Financing if...

- You have more than 12 months trading history

- You have audited financial reports

- You agree to API integration with Nu-Credits system

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Our Payment Service is provided by Kuan Financial which is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania as Authorised Payment Institution under its Lithuanian subsidiary Kuan Financial, UAB (Authorisation Code: LB000496)


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