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An international payment solution utilising your GB/DE IBAN account. This means being able to transfer funds across borders more cheaply and with greater speed.

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With Nu-Credits, navigate the new world of digital payment transfers

Effortlessly manage payments across different currencies, and handle receipts through a digital platform that delivers comprehensive solutions. Nu-Credits provides clients with access to real-time FX rates, and provides the ability to process international transactions with third parties through blockchain technology.

Focused on providing fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, Nu-Credits enables millions of businesses and professionals to connect with each other and grow globally through our cross-border platform. 

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Transact with partners and clients globally


Nu-Credits utilises cutting -edge technology to provide premium protection for your business, your information and your trading.

Low Cost

No concealed charges or surprise costs. Nu-Credits guarantees market transparency when dealing with exchange rates.


Nu-Credits is partnered with the largest global liquidity providers.


Nu-Credits offers you a multifunctional FX trading platform; available 24/7.

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How it works

—  Step 1. Book your FX order  — 

Select your currency amount, payment reference/invoice number, and beneficiary account. Review and confirm your details in the Order Summary Form along with the live exchange rate, amount, and transactions fees.

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Ready to get started?

Explore Nu-Credit Connect, or create an account instantly and start now! The Nu-Credits team will use their expertise to answer any questions and queries so please feel free to get in touch.


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