Export Finance

Payment terms with extended time periods, slow and laborious overseas transactions, excessive shipping times, and convoluted delivery of merchandise... These are common problems in international trade. If they are affecting your business, let Nu-Credits reinforce your cash flow and shoulder the financial strain. 

By making use of export finance, your company will be supported through access to capital so your organisation doesn’t have to wait for payments from clients before it can conduct further business. Nu- Credits is able to tailor a solution to your organisation, regardless of whether your company trades in goods or services.


Thanks to Nu-Credits we've had healthy cash flow we needed to fulfill new orders to sustain our growth


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There will never be a better time to bolster your business and enhance your international profile.

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Our Payment Service is provided by Kuan Financial which is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania as Authorised Payment Institution under its Lithuanian subsidiary Kuan Financial, UAB (Authorisation Code: LB000496)


UK Office: 301, 4 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS

HK Office: 1450,14/F Radio City, 505 - 511 Hennessey Road