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Export Finance

Trough Export Finance, Nu-Credits can fortify your cash flow and shoulder the financial strain on your business.

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How obtaining export finance through Nu-Credits can boost your business?

Payment terms with extended time periods, slow and laborious overseas transactions, excessive shipping times, and convoluted delivery of merchandise: These are common problems in international trade. If they are affecting your business, let Nu-Credits reinforce your cash flow and shoulder the financial strain. 

By making use of export finance, your company will be supported through access to capital so your organisation doesn’t have to wait for payments from clients before it can conduct further business. Nu- Credits is able to tailor a solution to your organisation, regardless of whether your company trades in goods or services.

Customer Reviews

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Flamingo Casa

“As a niche player we have to carefully listen to our customers’ demands to stay competitive and to provide an excellent service in order to reach our goals. Very grateful to Nu-Credits for helping us raise funds and continuously providing support in trading finance. In addition Nu-Credits also helped us to make a step forward to not only consolidate and standing out but increase our slice of the market.”


"Nu-Credits is a very friendly company with very good services for our finance needs. It features qualified customer care support and is a great partner for any kind of Trading Finance, Lending Money and leverage their working capital. Excellent integrations with different platforms make the system one of the easiest solutions to set up. I would definitely recommend Nu-Credits for people who don't want to struggle when it comes to trading finance."

Zeus Tech

"Our Company took the decision to work with Nu-Credits. We were looking for a reliable and robust Trade finance partner who could support our global growth aspirations. The team have supported us really well from day one and continue to do so today."

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There will never be a better time to bolster your business and enhance your international profile.

Apply HERE by filling out a short form, and one of our team will contact you very soon.

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Explore Nu-Credit Connect, or create an account instantly and start now! The Nu-Credits team will use their expertise to answer any questions and queries so please feel free to get in touch.


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