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Empower your business with Nu-Credits' APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

Our open API platform is setting the standard for trade finance. Applied to all our proprietary finance solutions, our open banking architecture enables banks, corporates, and fintech companies across the trade finance ecosystem, to break down legacy barriers and exchange data, functions, and applications in real-time.

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Unlocking a world of opportunity through access to new products and services, Nu-Credits' API market provides real-time paperless connectivity, for improved efficiency and time-to-market of trade finance products and services.
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How it works


Streamline communication by providing real-time connectivity


Improve business flexibility and increase the efficiency of trade finance services


Mitigate risk with contactless, paperless, processing

Reduce development and integration costs

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Ready to get started?

Explore Nu-Credit Connect, or create an account instantly and start now! The Nu-Credits team will use their expertise to answer any questions and queries so please feel free to get in touch.


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