Referral Program 

Earn £1000 by simply letting your network know about our offerings.


If you’re happy with how we keep your cash flowing, pass it on….



You’ll receive £1000 as 'thank you'  for each warm introduction you pass to us that results in a new client service contract being written.

There’s no limit to the referrals you can make or the number of rewards you can receive.



Step 1: Enter your friend’s and your company details




Step 2. Wait for your confirmation email

You’ll receive an email confirming that your referrals are being tracked

Step 3. Earn your reward

When your referral has secured a service contract with us, and their funds have been sent to their account,

you’ll receive £1,000 business account top up for a successful referral.

All you need to do is complete the form details,

or email us at admin@nu-credits.com and we will take it from there and let you know how things progress. 

Please make sure the contact and company you are referring are aware that we will be in touch with them

to discuss how we could help support their business.

Any other enquiries? Email us at partners@nu-credits.com and our partner manager will be in touch.

What you need to know

Who is eligible for a referral reward?

Programme is open to any size business with Nu-Credits. You are not required to apply for fund with Nu-Credits to participate in our referral programme.


What is a successful reward?
A referral is successful when your friend’s Nu-Credits service contract has been issued, and their funds have been sent to their account.


Who can I refer?
You can refer anyone in your network, including friends and family.


When will you receive the referral fee?
If you qualify for a referral fee we will pay this to a bank account specified by you within 30 calendar days of the Qualification Date.


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