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Partner with us

This is the best of times, full of opportunities, this is the worst of times awashed with failures. If you are determined to survive and thrive this disruptive post-pandemic era, come and join us.

What we have

  • Huge customer base engaging in global trade that provide quality goods and are creditworthy.

  • Blockchain technology and cutting-edge open API platform setting the standard for trade finance open banking

  • Expertise in fast, flexible, secure and low-cost FX payment solutions,

  • Global network from the UK to Europe, America, Australia, China and beyond.


With all these exclusive resources we possess and the business opportunities come along, we believe, working together, we could create unparalleled value at each step of international trade.

With whom we are seeking partnerships?

If you are

  • a manufacturer or supplier of quality goods seeking for trustworthy buyers,

  • or an ambitious trade insurance company,

  • or a inspection company who want to reach out to more potential customers

  • or a sharp-eyed, pro-innovation financial or non-financial institution, who want to utilise the investment benefits from trade finance but find it to time- and labour-consuming, expand your digital offering for B2B customers.

  • or a platform from any industry of any type of business, who wants to help your small SME customers get the working capital or other tailor-made trade-related service

  • or just a third party who are well connected and get to see opportunities and would like to make a referral,

you are very much welcomed to partner with us and together let’s provide our planet more secured, simpler, lucrative, convenient and eco-friendly ways to trade worldwide. We believe that would yield a win-win-win-win situation, for our clients, for you, for us and for our mother nature. 

Copious tempting opportunities of collaboration and cooperation out there! 

So what are you waiting for?

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