Export Finance

Does it give you a headache facing the tied up cash flow, having to ship goods to the customer and waiting for the payment with a long payment term that is usually 30 to 90 days?


Export finance allows the companies that sell products to overseas customers to get access to working capital before they get paid for the invoice issued. The working capital here refers to account payable by exporters.

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How it works

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Apply for export finance online with the unpaid invoice and other relevant information regarding the trade order.

Sign the agreement with your financier and get the advance payment of the invoice

Have your goods shipped

Get the balance payment of the invoice 

Pay your financier back according to the agreement terms when get paid upon maturity

Why Choose Nu-Credits:

At Nu-Credits, we focus on providing your business with fast, flexible, and low-cost solutions that is tailor-made for your import business;

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Preferred Currency

You will make your payment in the currency you preferred at the most reasonable rate supported on our multi-currency payment platform.

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You will get your preliminary assessment results within 24 hours

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Cybersecurity Guaranteed

The inherent resiliency of our blockchain technology sets up the most secure environment for online transactions that is free from cyber risks and attacks.

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24-hour Online Support

Our professional team is available to help you with any questions any time.

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​How to apply?

Agree on a payment terms with your buyer overseas and apply for the loan on-line by submitting essential information requested that will only takes couple of minutes.


Your request for the loan will be assess by us.


Get your preliminary approval along with a terms sheet within 24 hours that lists the general deal terms


Once accepting the terms, you will complete the full application by submitting the supporting documents if required.


Get your preliminary approval along with a terms sheet within 24 hours that lists the general deal terms


Upon receiving confirmation documents of the shipment, the financier advances the exporter a substantial percentage of invoice face value minus our fees within 24 hours.


Upon receiving the confirmation documents of the goods collection by the buyer, the financier will pay you the balance.


Pay your financier back according to the agreement terms when get paid upon maturity?


Let's get your business on the right track! 

Am I eligible?

You can use Nu-Credits Export Financing if...

  1. You are a registered company which have more than 12 months trading history

  2. You have audited financial reports with a turnover of over ...

  3. Your buyer has a solid credit history and has been in business for ...years generating turnover of over ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Export Finance and how it works for importers?

Export finance aims to support international export trading, whereby money is advanced against the value of unpaid invoices. Once the goods are shipped, there can be a significant time period before the collection of the goods and then the payment of the invoice by the importer. Export finance fills the cash flow gap during this time period.

Moreover, when doing business with customers from emerging markets, being able to offer an attractively longer payment terms contributes hugely to winning an order and establish an solid and long-term relationship with the importer.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for Export finance?

We are dedicated to simplify your application process, keep it as less time-consuming as possible and provide you with tailor-made financial solutions as well. In the light of this, we divide the application into two phases.

  1. For the first preliminary assessment, you are required to give us the essential information regarding...... and submit necessary documents for evidence.
  2. When entering the final assessment, you may be required to provide ... as supplements based on the specific situation of your order.

What would influence the funding agreement terms I get (the loan amount, the payment terms, the interest rate etc.) ?

We provide your export business with customised financial solution that caters to your needs and requirements of this specific purchase order.

  1. Generally, you can get an export finance of XXk - XXXk.

  2. Your personalised interest rate and the payment terms are calculated using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative data. We take into consideration such as the duration of your order and financial information about your company and your supplier.

  3. The interest rate is much more affordable than ..., which tend to range form ..% to ..%.

Do I need to use any assets as collateral for the loan?

If you are a e-commerce seller selling your goods on any e-commerce platform, we would ask you to share the SS of your e-commerce account through API and in that case you don’t need any collateral.

Otherwise, you might be asked to provide certain collateral for the loan in most cases.

?Do I need a personal guarantee for my loan?

A Personal guarantor or corporate guarantor might be required depending on specific situation of your loan request, the transaction and company credit history.

Will you do credit check on my buyer?

It is a necessary step of our assessment to check your buyer's credit.

How long do I need to wait for the preliminary and final assessment to get my loan?

With all the essential information we need, Nu-Credits will get back to you regarding the results of our preliminary assessment within 24 hours.

The time the final assessment costs depends on the reviewing process of the financiers. In some cases, additional documentation may be requested. However, based on their trust in our expertise and the partnership, it will be much faster than usual.

What fees and/or payments are involve and how are they calculated?

There are two types of fees involved in the service we provide: the discounting rate and the service fee, both of which are based on the approved loan amount.

With whom shall I sign the agreements to get the loan and what are these agreements?

You will be signing the export finance agreement with the financier. And the service agreement with Nu-Credits.

How exactly will I get the loan I need? And how would I pay it back?

You will get your funds directly from your financier through payment method specified in the loan agreement. You will repay the financier through the escrow account specified also in the loan agreement.

?What happens if my repayment is overdue?

Nu-Credits will start the debt collection process which involves amicable phase and legal action.






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