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We only offer the Best Investment Opportunity

Are you seeking to broaden the investment portfolio and a relatively higher return than traditional ones but with high liquidity and sustainability as well? 



Trade finance offers a differentiated combination of credit risk, duration risk and liquidity profile that can complement other portfolio allocations in fixed income and increase diversification.

Ship's Wheel
Ship's Wheel

What is Trade Finance and Why invest now?


Trade finance is the financing of international trade flows, whose existence mitigates, or reduces the risks in regarding of an international trade transaction.

Trade finance provides the exporter with receivables or payment much earlier once the goods are shipped, which would benefit their financial performance and reduce operating risks. Similarly, the importer might be extended credit to fulfil the trade order, which will help them rid of the burden on cash flow from the shipment to the selling of the goods.

The opportunity is for investors to participate directly in providing trade finance funding (trade loans) to borrowers engaged in the physical trade flows of merchandise, who may be producers, semi-processors, traders or consumers along the trade supply chain.

Market and FinTech technology has developed for institutional investors to step in and address unmet demand for trade finance.

Why it is worth investment

Trade finance offers a differentiated combination of credit risk, duration risk and liquidity profile that can complement other portfolio allocations in fixed income and increase diversification.


  • Short term tenors of deals facilitate investors moving in or out

  • Around 30 to 90 days per deal?

Low Risk

  • Money is lent against identifiable transactions and repaid from their proceeds.

  • Much easier to spot any potential pitfalls and take proactive or reactive measures to mitigate the risk or loss.

Higher Return

Average annualised yield of 8-13% p.a.

Myriad Opportunities 

Alongside the whole transaction chain presents copious opportunities for a lender to interpose and add value for reward, e.g. exporters, importers. logistics providers and all sort of trade-facilitating service providers.

Why Choose Nu-Credits:

At Nu-Credits, we focus on providing your business with fast, flexible, and low-cost solutions that is tailor-made for your import business;

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Multi-Currency Payment

You will make the investment in the currency you preferred at the most reasonable rate.

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Trade authenticity & Verification process

With the support of our Supply Chain Data Management System, fraud risk will be eliminated, potential pitfalls spotted and proactive measures put in place to avoid or mitigate the loss beforehand.

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Cybersecurity Guaranteed

The inherent resiliency of our blockchain technology sets up the most secure environment for online transactions that is free from cyber risks and attacks.

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Online Platform

We connect you directly with established, creditworthy SMEs engaging in global trade looking for funds worldwide to grow businss.

Want to know where your investment opportunities stand? 

​How to apply?

SMEs apply for trade finance by providing essential information and documents regarding the order they have just made or accepted.


Preliminary credit assessment by Nu-Credits


We will have all the information collected, sorted and reviewed.


We will upload qualified loan requests on the platform with company information and credit report provided by our partner credit assessment agencies (paid to download) for your reference


You could take the loan request by paying for the deposits. Or you could negotiate with the SME on loan terms, requesting for more supporting documents if necessary.


When all terms are settled, you will underwrite loan agreement with the SME.


You made your Investment with the payment method specified in the agreement.


You get the repayment according to the agreement terms.


Don't miss the boat! Get started now!

Am I eligible?

We offer financial service ONLY to professional Investors

  1. Family Office

  2. Institutional Investors

  • How does Export Financing work?
    It is simple. After the goods or services are sold to your client, we will buy the invoices from you for a discounted price. In addition, we will take over all the responsibilities of collecting it.
  • How long will it take until my invoices are paid for?
    Our experienced team will evaluate the application of your business within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • What countries do Nu-Credits cover?
    Being a global company has its benefits. Having worldwide partners all over the world we can evaluate your application globally be it the EU, Japan, China or any other jurisdiction. Have any clients in China but cannot afford to wait for a long time until the invoices are covered? We will collect it on behalf of you.
  • What industries do you work with?
    NU Credits cover wide scope of industries. Industries that we work with include Manufacturing, Agriculture, Business, IT Services, Wholesale Trade and others. For more inquiries please contact us in the form below.
  • What are the benefits of invoice factoring with Nu-Credits?
    1. It solves cashflow challenges. 2. Gives you more time to focus on core business operations. 3. Reduction of your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). 4. Unlimited Capital for your business growth. 5. Factoring transaction is a sale, not a loan so it does not affect your creditworthiness.
  • I want to export merchandise to my client in China but cannot afford to wait for 90 days until my invoices are covered. My bank has decided not to issue a credit because of my creditworthiness before, can I still apply for my invoice to be sold to NU Credits?"
    Yes. As long as your client has a good credit history, we will be more than willing to buy the invoice from your business.


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