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What is API market?

​Nu-Credits API Platform provides real-time paperless connectivity for improved efficiency and time-to-market of trade finance products and services.

Being applied to all our proprietary finance solutions, our open banking architecture enables Investors, corporates, and fintech companies across the trade finance ecosystem, to break down legacy barriers and exchange data, functions, and applications in real-time.


​​For Entrepreneurs

  • Automate your account receivable and payable financing processes

  • Enable real time FX management

​​For Investors

  • Enable paperless and all-around due diligence process with speedy and real-time information update

  • Connect all the relevant digital islands across the trade finance ecosystem

​​For Partnrs

  • Extend your product offering by embedding Nu-Credit’s one-stop service across the whole global trade ecosystem.

Speak to one of our experts to find out more about Nu-Credits’ API Market

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