A great quality hotel can keep your vacation in a mood moving with Hotels.com.  

A comfortable and nice hotel can be different for your journey. All you need is a worldwide networ of reputable hotels so you can decide your hotel for a better location whether it is near the beach or city centre. Find your hotel room at Hotels.com and enjoy the cashback now!

Important Note:

Cashback  will be credited only for completed, eligible travel. 

Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be a delay to your cashback  being credited to you.  

We appreciate your patience during this time and will update when we can.

Hotels.com HK- Get 2% off your purchase

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  • - With this Loyalty Merchant it is only possible to lodge a complaint about a purchase that has not been registered up to 14 days from the date of the order.

    - Transactions with this Loyalty Merchant will only be confirmed following your stay in the hotel. In some cases, the confirmation of your booking and the resulting payment of Cashback & Shopping Points could take up to 365 days from the time of booking.

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